1. statedept:

    Why did the situation in Ukraine result in sanctions? Here’s an explanation.


  2. Love this guy. Such a good choice for PM. Hope he stays in after the elections. 



  4. How can Lavrov sleep at night knowing he lies on a daily basis to over 6 billion people? The “pro-Russian” forces he sites as “Russian interests” were planted there by the Kremlin. Then he says if these forces are attacked Russia will consider this an attack on itself!? The same forces that have kidnapped over 11 people and now killed at least 2!? And to suggest that it was Biden’s visit that prompted the relaunch of the anti-terrorist operation is fantastical! Look at the facts Sergei! It was announced when a  politician was found beaten, tortured and drowned in an area of Ukraine held by your thugs. Coincidence, sure. An appropriate and balanced response. 100% percent. Russia is staging a 2008 Georgia scenario and everything is slowly falling into place. Very sad. 


  5. Some of the best Western coverage coming out of Ukraine comes from this guy. Fingers crossed for him. 


  6. This has become so fucked. God help the Uki forces. I hope the citizens of E Ukraine understand Russian forces have caused this entire mess.  


  7. I can’t wait to hear all the Russian apologists out there scream out that this is Western bullshit propaganda. Rather, they should consider this is what happens when your country supports an open imperialist policy of counter-democracy promotion. Good for you Putin. 


  8. What special concoction of delusional audacity allows Russia and its “leaders” to make statements such as this? Who the fuck is Russia when it comes to domestic Ukrainian politics and affairs? Who the fuck is Russia when it comes to the honest push for democracy, a term they only understand in theory? How sickening that they now provoke a few hundred to “mock” this democracy movement, armed to the teeth, ready to kidnap those who disagree, and suggest that they too are freedom fighters. There is so much fucking misinformation being spewed out by the Kremlin that even Russia must be thinking that Putin is a Right Sector spy. While people talk a lot of shit about the US, NATO and the West. God love them for actually standing for something, and opposing Russian imperial aspirations. 


  9. Great look by Portnikov at #Russia’s jealousy


  10. Interesting analysis. 


  11. thedailyshow:

    The Daily Show’s resident Supreme Court sketch artist invites you to view renderings from the recent SCOTUS oral arguments.


  12. Excellent break down of Putin’s criminal actions in Crimea. 


  13. LOL SO HARD!


  14. Hilarious anti-Rob Ford election signs in Toronto. These people hate Ford and his stupidity so much that they rather campaign against him than for another candidate. LULZ


  15. Brilliant graphic that shows the glaring differences between the two scenarios. Russian justification for annexation of Crimea is not based off precedent in Kosovo, it is based on precedent of South Ossetia and Abkhazia in 2008. Russia makes its own international law, then follows that as binding. Amazing. It will be very interesting to see how Russia responds when China decides to “annex” parts of south-eastern Russia where thousands of ethnic Chinese are living… then they will be screaming bloody murder and banging on the UN’s doors.