1. Toronto Mayoral race summed up in three perfect photos. 


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    The Imperium of Mankind in a nutshell



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  3. Fascinating photograph of a young woman making her way through a street prayer. 



  5. Shit! 




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    "No amount of analysis is going to beat this." - @_BenWright_ via 



  9. BBC



  11. In the Ukrainian-Russian conflict, moral clarity is essential, but to get there we need linguistic clarity, too: Ukrainians decided to build a democracy at home and to make a trade deal with Europe; Russia invaded.

  12. We are at war with Ukraine. For real." The one-time billionaire has called on Russians to go out on the streets to protest against the war.
    The statement on his site reads:
    “We are fighting with Ukraine. For real. We are sending our soldiers and equipment there. Ukrainians are fighting hard, but they’re being pushed back. The forces are obviously very uneven.
    “Meanwhile, our government is continuously lying to us: in the 80s about Afghanistan, in the 90s about Chechnya, and today, about Ukraine.
    “We know that. But we silently bury our co-workers, friends and relatives of yesterday, who are fighting on both sides, who are killing each other, not because they want to but because an aging leadership always wants blood. We keep our mouths shut and make like we believe this governmment.


  14. Fucking Brilliant. 


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    Why did the situation in Ukraine result in sanctions? Here’s an explanation.